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Welcome to Sweepstakes Land. This is going to be my website dedicated to information about online sweepstakes. As I get time to work on the site it will be a great resource for online sweepstakes.  I have been sweeping for almost 5 years. Over this time i have developed some skills for winning online sweepstakes. I decided to build a website because many people keep asking me, how do I do it?  How do you win all those prizes?


I have lots of animals at my house, 2 dogs and 3 cats. They wake me up every morning at about 6:30 a.m. on the dot. They usually start scratching at my door. After I take care of them I settle down at my desk for a day of sweepstakes entry.  I used to leave the house  each day and work for a janitorial company. I left that job because I found that I can enter sweepstakes full time and make more money.


By now after reading this I'm sure you want to know how I was able to quit my job and make sweepstakes my income.  Entering sweepstakes professionaly is not very hard at all and requires very little technical knowledge.  Most online sweepstakes have some type of form you can fill out with your personal information. You need to provide your information like address, name and email address because the sponsor of the sweepstakes needs to know how to contact you in the the event that you win.


Before you start entering sweepstakes you need to get yourself an email account that you can use for sweepstakes. I prefer gmail as it's very reliable and I never miss any winning email notifications. Yahoo mail and hotmail are OK as they are also free to setup and use. You also want to check your email account on a daily basis so that you can reply to any winner notifications. I have lost out on some prizes because I didn't reply back and confirm my win within 48 hours. Some sponsors will pick a new winner if you don't get back to them within 48 hours. It's really sad when you check your email and you have a message from a week ago from a sweepstakes sponsor and you never responded.  I would also skim through your email spam folder if you have one. There could be a winning email stuck in their too.


Another good program for sweepstakes entry is Firefox. I think Firefox is the best web browser for sweepstakes entry because it is very fast. It does load all the images first on the page. Loading the images first slows down the web page. Firefox loads all the text first so that you can read the all the form information and enter your sweepstakes before the images

fully load. With Internet Explorer you have to sometimes wait a full minute on some sites before you even see the form.


You will also need a good place to find sweepstakes. You can use Google ad search for words like free sweepstakes or sweepstakes and contests. This will give you a long list of places to go. There are even some sites called sweepstakes directories that list new sweepstakes ans contests on a regular basis. One of the most popular is Sweepstakes Advantage. They are a good honest place to go for new promotions and the members are very helpful.


There are also entry tools like Roboform that will hel speed up your form submissions. Programs like roboform fill out the common blanks for you like name, address and email address. This will help you enter more sweepstakes in a shorter amount of time. The more you enter the better your chances will be to win prizes. On a good month I usually win about 20 prizes. Sometimes those prizes are the big cash prize or grand prize. This is very rewarding when this happens.


My last basic to before I starting getting into the more advanced tips it to be persistent. Try and enter every day and at least an hour per day. It's all about the odds and you want to increase your odds of winning some great prizes. I'll be posting more tips here on Sweepstakes Land when I have more time later this month. :)